David Solomon Contemporary Art

David Solomon is an American contemporary artist and painter.

Born in 1976 in Kingston, New York, he studied at the prestigious San Francisco Art Institute and was studio assistant to major American artists Frank Lobdell and John Henry Waddell.

His work has shown in exhibitions and one-person shows at galleries around the United States including Gerald Peters Gallery, Peter Marcelle Project, David Richard Gallery, and Dean Jenson Gallery among others. He has shown in many international art fairs including Art Miami, Art Southampton, Art Aspen, Fine Art San Francisco, and Palm Springs Fine Art Fair. 

His work is in collections worldwide and he has had reviews in Art In America, Art LTD, Huffington Post, Santa Fean Magazine, Adobe Airstream, THE Magazine, and others.

David’s education in art is an organic blend of life and formal experiences. His father, who attended Parson’s in New York, often engaged David in tandem doodling sessions. His artist-grandmother took him to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art where the eight-year-old stood dwarfed in front of a Jackson Pollock gesture painting and the impact was unmistakable.Later, Florida’s swamps, beaches, and scrapyards became a playground for David’s inquisitive mind and provided endless hours of study. The forms of fruits, seeds, flowers and various animals still act as elements in his compositions. An avid reader, he also developed a deep respect for mysticism, physics, and a longing for natural environments; all of these things remain evident in his work.

At first opportunity, David went west to the high desert landscapes of the southwest, living in Jerome, Arizona, and Santa Fe, New Mexico where he lived and worked for nearly 15 years with some years in between in San Francisco, California to attend SFAI. The effect of the desert and mountainous landscapes is an obvious influence on his work as it continues to evolve.

David also served as independent curator within the contemporary arts community of Santa Fe, New Mexico, helping to stimulate a more vibrant and supportive atmosphere for the city’s many artists. He has directed and curated at many galleries including Yares Art Projects, William Shearburn Gallery, 707 Contemporary, BANG! and Underground Galleries.

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