David Solomon

In his evocative abstracts, David Solomon brings forward his personal synesthetic metaphors – making, as he puts it, “the invisible visible.” Of this perceptual interaction, the results of which are often reminiscent of a petri dish specimen magnified, “I start out intuitive and start to pull images out,” says the new York-born, South Florida-raised 35-year-old who moved out West (first to Arizona, then to Santa Fe) out of a fantasy-based love of the Southwest.

A self-described materials geek who “loves painting and all the things you can do with it,” Solomon delights in the exploration of color, surface, and light- and the ways they interact. His latest fascination: aluminum. “I’ve always mixed my surfaces, flat and glossy areas of paint,” he notes. “Flat aluminum highlights the difference in the media because of its glass-like surface.”

He takes a similarly loose approach to the Santa Fe art scene. Since 2005, he has curated approximately 50 shows, gratis, a process he characterizes as “having fun showing work and helping people progress in their careers. And,” in typical art fashion, “art increases cultural health.”


Santa Fean Magazine June/July 2011 (Arts Issue)


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