David Solomon
 at Jay Etkin Gallery, Santa Fe, Nov 2010

For nearly a decade, David Solomon has been assimilating the fresh air, extraordinary light, and magical visual spirit of Santa Fe. He has meticulously mixed these inspirational components together, producing remarkably simple and well-balanced works which seem to celebrate his unique style and sensibility for organic shapes that are locked together within rhythmic and often colorful compositions. Solomon has sharpened his vision and made a name for himself around town by organizing exhibitions, under the name BANG! and featuring local contemporary artists, that have wide appeal. His own shows have also been well received. Working daily in his studio near SITE Santa Fe, the artist continues to explore a predilection for positioning “dancing” forms in space. His work explores the boundaries of abstract minimal shapes that seem to interact with each other like old friends. In most cases, the objects depicted take a cue from biomorphic floating shapes which might be discovered deep within the ocean. Solomon nets these drifting, irregular outlines from memory, where he later displays and manipulates his “catch” on the surface of his canvases. The simple ingenuity of Miró, Matisse, and even Motherwell is evident here. Splendid works like Untitled (11 1⁄4” x 91⁄4”) reflect his natural skill for depicting non-narrative shapes that have a distinct relationship to each other. In other works, such as Untitled (30” x 22”), the artist produces an almost calligraphic ink painting on paper that is reminiscent of a spinning top whose equilibrium manages to stay in place although it is tilted like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This is a show that brings out the best of an artist who has ingeniously gathered together the best portions of his visual inventory, often from memory, to create works that speak softly while holding a big stick.

—Bruce Helander for THE Magazine

Jay Etkin Gallery, 703 Camino DE la Familia, Santa Fe, NM

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