David Solomon was born in Kingston, New York in 1976 to NY-born parents. His father attended Parsons School of Design in the 60's; Solomon's youth was infused with artistic influence. In the late 70's, his family moved to South Florida, where Solomon spent his youth exploring swamps, beaches, and junkyards. Observing these natural systems and organic compositions, he began cultivating his artistic vision. During his early adolescence, Bruce Helander became a friend of his father's and influenced Solomon's ideas about being an artist.

At age 19, Solomon moved to Jerome, AZ where he began learning various creative techniques by working for local artists, including lost wax bronze process, leather book binding and landscape painting. The most influential of these apprenticeships was a position with bronze figurative sculptor John Henry Waddell, Arizona's Sculptor Laureate. Solomon worked with Waddell as his assistant in his foundry and also in his studio. During this time, Solomon began showing and selling his work.

After 4 years in Jerome, Solomon moved to Santa Fe, NM where he worked for 2 years in the picture framing industry. He continued painting prolifically during this time, showing in multiple exhibitions and building his portfolio. He applied, and was accepted with a merit scholarship, to the San Francisco Art Institute for painting studies. Extending his influence still further, Bruce Helander submitted a letter of recommendation for Solomon's application. While at SFAI, Solomon worked as office manager and studio assistant to renowned pre-eminent abstract expressionist painter Frank Lobdell. Solomon held this position for 2 years and is published in the photo chronology of the artist's monograph "The Art of Making and Meaning, Hudson Hills Press 2003. Solomon returned to Santa Fe in 2003, where he currently works and lives.

In January 2005, Solomon started a weekly pop-up exhibition entitled BANG!. This dynamic itinerant gallery, originating in a Canyon Road locale, featured emerging and established local contemporary artists. He later curated and produced shows for other galleries and show spaces in Santa Fe as well.

Solomon has shown in many art fairs around the country, including Art Miami. His work is featured in private collections around the world.

Solomon is currently working as an integral team member at Yares Art Projects.


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